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We are so happy you are here. During your prayer time throughout Lent, we invite you to come and accompany Jesus on an eight week walk through the last moments of his life. Let's put out into the deep just as Jesus invited his disciples to do. We will learn Jesus’ model of how to love and who we’re called to love. We will invite his suffering to touch our own so that we can be transformed to love as he loves.   

If you journeyed with us last Lent, we invite you to embrace the value of repetition, just as it is used in the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Each year during the Lenten season in the Catholic Church, we recall and walk with Jesus during the final days of his ministry and life with us.  Each year we are in a different place in our faith lives and will hear Jesus’ call to us in a different way.  

Before you get started:

  1. Watch the intro video below from Becky explaining why we've created a retreat that lets us pause and dive deep into the last moments of Jesus' life.
  2. Visit Before You Begin: Preparing for Prayer. Here you will find suggested materials, prayer handouts, and other helpful information to prepare for your retreat.
  3. Visit The Rhythm of the Retreat: How it Works to see our weekly prayer schedule. If you happen to miss a day do not worry! Trust that, with an open heart, the Holy Spirit will give you what you need during this time.
  4. Visit Meet the Team to get to know a little about us!
  5. On February 21, the eve of the start of the retreat, you will receive the link to access to Week 1. You can also log directly into Teachable to access the content. Depending on your location/time zone, the content may be accessible the night before. 
  6. The live Zoom community prayer calls are a bonus component of the retreat, which are optional to attend. These calls, held on Thursdays, will be offered on March 2, March 16 and March 30 at 7 pm central time, are a chance to gather as a community for a guided prayer experience and to share your reflections from the weekly prayer guides.  
  7. Now that all of the logistics are out of the way, take a moment to pray with our Preparation Prayer: Jesus, Ready My Heart.

Know of our prayers for you during this time.  


Becky + Team

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