The Rhythm of the Retreat: How it Works

Overwhelmed No More is set up as an online retreat you can do at your own schedule. The retreat provides a plan for prayer that incorporates a variety of prayer methods. Below you will find the themes for the six weeks and an overview of the sections of each week. There is also a list of materials you might find helpful as well as some pointers for prayer and our community call information.  

The themes for each week are:

  1. Know you are not alone
  2. Pray in daily life
  3. Center your life around God
  4. Clarify your “yeses”
  5. Choosing between goods
  6. Walk boldly in peace

Each week is broken into several sections to provide a framework for prayer for the week. A description of each section is below. 

1. The Grace We Seek: This will give you the grace we are praying for each week, a brief description of what to expect, a check list for the week, and the prayer guide for the week.

2.Community Wall: To help foster a sense of community throughout this virtual retreat, we invite you to share what is stirring during your prayer by commenting on the community wall. Our team will be available on the community wall for questions as well as to help you savor the movements of God happening during your retreat. 

3. Day 1: In this section is the video for each week along with the accompanying audio reflection or handout to prayerfully complete after the video. Please allow 25-30 minutes for the video and 10-15 minutes for the handout or reflection. 

4. Days 2-5: Days 2-5 will be a mix of guided audio prayers and suggested scripture to pray with each day. 

5. Day 6, Day of Repetition: Each Saturday you are invited to repeat a scripture or guided prayer from the week of your choice.

6. Day 7, Gathering the Graces: At the end of each week, we invite you to review your week of prayer and share the graces on the community wall. 

7.  Go Deeper Resources: In this section, you will find extra resources that go along with the weekly theme to further support your prayer or education on the topic of the week.  

*Bonus* Community Call:

During weeks 2, 4, and 6, there will be live community calls. Video replays of the Zoom call will be posted here in Teachable.


Below are the materials we suggest you gather for the retreat.  

  • A Binder for putting your weekly prayer guide and handouts
  • A Bible
  • A Journal 
  • A Pen

Pick a Daily Time for Prayer: 

It will help to have a set time of prayer each day. Picking the same time each day will help you create a routine of prayer within your daily life. Review your weekly calendar and find 10-15+ minutes a day that you can schedule on your calendar for your daily prayer. Know that as the retreat continues the Holy Spirit might lengthen your time of prayer. 

Create Your Prayer Place:  

Find a place in your home that can become your prayer place. Make it a sacred place by placing a few meaningful items that help you enter into prayer. Examples might be: a candle, a picture, image or icon, photos of your family or friends, etc.  

Community Prayer Call Information:

If you are able, please join us for our optional guided community calls via Zoom on Thursdays June 30, July 14, and July 28 at 7 pm central time. If you are unable to join us live, the recording will be posted here in Teachable.

To join us at 7 pm central, click here. The meeting ID is 327 831 7428. You can dial in by calling 1 (312) 626-6799. The meeting ID is the same, 327 831 7428. If you need a local dial in number, click here.

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