Before You Begin: Preparing for Prayer

Gather Your Materials

  • Binder for putting your weekly prayer guide 
  • Bible
  • Journal 
  • Pen

Pick a Daily Time for Prayer: 

It will help to have a set time of prayer each day. Picking the same time each day will help you create a routine of prayer within your daily life. Review your weekly calendar and find 15-30 minutes a day that you can schedule on your calendar for your daily prayer.  Know that as the retreat continues the Holy Spirit might lengthen your time of prayer to an hour. 

Create Your Prayer Place:  

Find a place in your home that can become your prayer place.  Make it a sacred place by placing a few meaningful items that help you enter into prayer.  Examples might be: A candle, a picture, image or icon, photos of your family or friends, etc.  

Review the handouts below:

Creating a Daily Contemplative Prayer Practice

Lectio Divina 

Ignatian Contemplation

Triple Colloquy

Lent 2022.pdf
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