Before You Begin: Preparing for Prayer

Gather Your Materials

  • Binder for putting your weekly prayer guide 
  • Bible
  • Journal 
  • Pen

Pick a Daily Time for Prayer: 

It will help to have a set time of prayer each day. Picking the same time each day will help you create a routine of prayer within your daily life. Review your weekly calendar and find 15-20 minutes a day that you can schedule on your calendar for daily prayer.  Know that as the retreat continues the Holy Spirit might lengthen your time of prayer. 

Create Your Prayer Place:  

Find a place in your home that can become your prayer place.  Make it a sacred place by placing a few meaningful items that help you enter into prayer.  Examples might be:  a candle, a picture, image or icon, photos of your family or friends, etc.  

Review the handouts below:

Creating a Daily Contemplative Prayer Practice

Lectio Divina 

Ignatian Contemplation

Complete and Continue